Saturday, October 28, 2006

from the high seas with love

hello to all my friends and my nyakie back home. its been three months since we shared laughs
misunderstandings and had helluva fun. now im stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing to
and with booze as my companion. it makes me more depressing to go home and spend more time at home. but what can we do, since its the way things gotta be. we just gotta submit to the reality that time flies fast to those who enjoy and feels like eternity when we're suffering. senti bah. and also goes with you cant have enough of a good thing. hmmmm. i've read from a book from mitch albom which speaks about the unfairness of life. he says, " Life is not governed by fairness, if it did, no good person would be suffering." t leaves me no choice but go on and learn the fact that while some good things dont last, some good things are still to come. hope you all are well especially to you nyakz. rock on.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

world cup 2006 fevah!!!!!!

OLE!its world cup time now once again guys so all you soccer fanatics out there grab your jerseys and sream till your larynx bleeds. my favorite team brazil is out to defend their trophy. they had a slow game with croatia pero watch out next time. ole! germany is going out strong. and the czech are to look out for. who do you think will win this cup and who will be the man of the cup. feel free to vote at my poll all you sucker este soccer fans. for me ang top 4 teams ay yung german, italians czech's at brazil. so good luck to your teams peeps keep on betting heheheheh. viva la copa mundial!!!!

Monday, May 29, 2006

da vinci hoax?

we all have probably heard of the da vinci code movie, and i you're an avid reader of dan brown, angels and demons. the author is truly amazing. he has a very creative mind and an clever storyteller. i have to admit that he shook my faith for a moment with his book and i would recommend the book to everyone to read. but the movie didnt impress me that much... the casting was excellent but it failed to raise a brow. the whole movie was hurriedly done omitting scenes that was crucial to entice the viewers. they should have made it a tv series and it would have had a big impact on the viewer.

with the big success of the book and movie ( i guess), we cant escape the fact that the catholic church will react to such a strong allegation. to a devout catholic, i would understand that he'll get offended with the story but for me ( a catholic ) i would say that the da vinci code is nothing but a theory of a researcher collected from incomplete facts and making it into a story so as to make a living. but the bottom line is, it doesn't matter what they say or think. what matters is what you believe and where your faith reside.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

a night at eurostar

at the fort, eurostar carnival.....d halata nga galingin ulo ta noh.... heheheh smile gyapun ah... heheheh

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

night swimming @ villa grande

the perfect tambayan....grand villa....kabalo mga ginikanan nyo kun diin kamo gakadto biskan kagab-ihon? hehehehe

Monday, March 20, 2006

tirador ng inasal

(me, dabz, and tracy)
our favorite past time in cembo....noaks eh....heheheheh

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

patag outing

finally, for quite some time, we had time para mag-outing. patag seems the perfect spot since majority sa amon wala pa kakadto. Sobra ka tugnaw ang place grabe ang fog, kag ang view, the best. well, the experience was good and the company was better. so till next time naman na outing. diin naman kita? :&

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

kabankalan housemates

a post sinulog escapade.....half sober and wanting more adventure....we head to la bamba resort for a well deserved R&R.....the place was nice and the company was better. i wish this wont be the last...:&

sinulog 2006

(clockwise from left) jen, janice, pretty mae, jan2, maychel, armel, yours truly and alexis
Everybody covered in paint during the recent sinulog festival in kabankalan. thanx guys.... i had a very nice time and as promised... i've posted our pic so we'll be the envy of everybody....rock on!!!!

Friday, January 06, 2006

family pic home during new years eve with my loving family.........

new year with friends

greeting the new year at our newest tambayan....daw bastante na ang isa..heheheheh