Monday, May 29, 2006

da vinci hoax?

we all have probably heard of the da vinci code movie, and i you're an avid reader of dan brown, angels and demons. the author is truly amazing. he has a very creative mind and an clever storyteller. i have to admit that he shook my faith for a moment with his book and i would recommend the book to everyone to read. but the movie didnt impress me that much... the casting was excellent but it failed to raise a brow. the whole movie was hurriedly done omitting scenes that was crucial to entice the viewers. they should have made it a tv series and it would have had a big impact on the viewer.

with the big success of the book and movie ( i guess), we cant escape the fact that the catholic church will react to such a strong allegation. to a devout catholic, i would understand that he'll get offended with the story but for me ( a catholic ) i would say that the da vinci code is nothing but a theory of a researcher collected from incomplete facts and making it into a story so as to make a living. but the bottom line is, it doesn't matter what they say or think. what matters is what you believe and where your faith reside.