Saturday, October 28, 2006

from the high seas with love

hello to all my friends and my nyakie back home. its been three months since we shared laughs
misunderstandings and had helluva fun. now im stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing to
and with booze as my companion. it makes me more depressing to go home and spend more time at home. but what can we do, since its the way things gotta be. we just gotta submit to the reality that time flies fast to those who enjoy and feels like eternity when we're suffering. senti bah. and also goes with you cant have enough of a good thing. hmmmm. i've read from a book from mitch albom which speaks about the unfairness of life. he says, " Life is not governed by fairness, if it did, no good person would be suffering." t leaves me no choice but go on and learn the fact that while some good things dont last, some good things are still to come. hope you all are well especially to you nyakz. rock on.