Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day two of Ilocandia Tour (Pagudpud)

12th Mar 01:00pm

It was a toxic afternoon for us. We had to check out of the hotel and 2 had to accompany and pay the bus driver. We agreed to meet at the bus terminal for Pagudpud. Somehow, Joyce didn't quite get our point and chose to stay at McDonalds’. As we hooped on the bus and waited awhile, the bus was already ready to leave. Joyce and Areem had to catch the next bus and meet up with us at the villa. It was almost two hours till we reached Pagudpud but was worth it as we were treated to a lot of scenic spots along the way. It's nice to see people going about with their daily lives and I got to witness this along the trip north.

Some of the photos taken along the way to Pagudpud

the housemates strikes again....( Ilocandia Tour 2010)

Its been a good 4 years since i last posted on my blog and a lot has changed. Good thing I still have my passion for adventure and this I wish will never be quenched. There will always be a place waiting to discovered, experienced, enjoyed and treasured. True to my passion, I, together with six of my closest friends as well as my fiancee embarked on a fun filled adventure to the land of tobacco, Ilocandia.

On board a cebu pacific flight, we arrived 9pm of march 11 in the beautiful city of Laoag. The night was ripe for adventure and soon after we checked our bags and had a brief dinner, we started the exploration. Armed with our cameras, we clicked the night away. First stop was the Sunken Bell Tower. On the corner of A. Bonifacio & Paco Roman Sts. stood the majestic tower. It was a sight to behold with its square-shape over sized pillars and the plaster walls, standing with the starry night as its background. The night gave the tower an eerie touch not to mention its rich wartime past. I wondered how many lives had been lost inside its walls. As we strolled through the streets, I cant help but notice the silence that fills the empty streets. Not like the bustling life of the Metro. We continued towards the hotel happy and optimistic of what tomorrow has in store for us.